Rogues are a character class adept at stealth, and they have a sphere of influence with criminals. They are generally skilled with weapons such as pocket pistols and throwing knives.

Rogue AbilitiesEdit

Rogues can buy light weapons for half the usual price (after Influence), rounding up. They also can only sell light weapons for half the money.

They start off with +3 Stealth and +1 Agility.

Once every two turns, they can use one of the following abilities:

Evade -- All ranged weapons count as being 1 in 6 or worse to hit the Rogue for this turn. Marksmanship can affect this probability as normal.

Pickpocket -- The Rogue may attempt to steal an object from another player or an NPC. A die must be rolled to determine success; an even number must be rolled to succeed.

Shot First -- On the first round of combat, any attacks by light weapons directed at the Rogue are nullified, allowing the Rogue the opportunity to strike first.