Medics are capable of healing other Players, as well as NPCs. However, they need bandages and painkillers, which can be purchased at market places across the multiverse.

They can heal almost anything, not including severed limbs. They receive +1 TS and crafting to begin with. They also come with five medkits and gain 2 more after each game.

Medic AbilitiesEdit

Medic abilities cycle independently, so it would be possible for Stims and Cure Condition to be used in the same turn.

Heal -- The player or an ally gets 70 Health restored, up to their original level. A Medkit is used up.

Stims -- Targeted ally suffers half damage for one turn. This ability can be used once every three turns.

Cure Condition -- Can be used once every three turns. Target ally is freed from the effects of bleeding, blinding, paralysis, stun, venom and/or weakness.