These mechanics can be used to simplify battles between two large groups.


Simple MechanicsEdit

  • The entire group has the combined HP of all the individuals (for example, a group of five has 1000 health)
  • They also have the combined strength/firepower of all the individuals (our group has 2000 firepower)
  • They have the accuracy and damage resistance of one individual (one member has 90% elec resistance and 20% armour)
  • Both groups attack before health (and firepower) is deducted.
  • If the HP lost exceeds the health of one individual (200+ for a member) that individual is dead, and its firepower is deducted from the group's total (the group now has 1600 firepower)
  • When a group reaches 0 health, all its members are dead.

Advanced MechanicsEdit

  • If individuals in a group have different types of weapons, the lowest accuracy is used and when a hit is scored, the damage is added up. Armour resistances for the different types of damage apply.
  • When different species with different HP are in a group, the individual with the highest HP must be killed first (in the case of NPCs) or, in the case of players, they can decide amongst themselves.
  • If one player is fighting a group, then it is up to the GM to decide whether they fight as individuals or a group.