The gameplay of the game is simple. This page gives you all the information you need to set out on your adventures!

You will need at least two players; a Dungeon Master, and at least one player character.

Character CreationEdit

To create a character, a species must be chosen. Different species have different base statistics and abilities.

Once the species has been chosen, you can add 12 points to it across your stats. (Points in Health are worth 3 HP.)


Heroes of the Multiverses contains different types of character classes. They are: Warriors, which can both deal out and take the most damage; Scientists, which can assemble weapons and give valuable bits of information, Rogues, which are good at sneaking about and performing unscrupulous actions, Medics, which can heal other characters and NPCs, and finally, Leaders. These last are good at assembling small armies, and negotiating with various characters.


For Weapons, characters can equip either a firearm or a melee weapon. On the course of their adventures, they may pick up more weapons.

Characters may also wear Armour.


Characters should make their way to the nearest town, and find an NPC that will give them a quest. A cash reward of at least 200 credits will be given. Quests can be simple one-objective things, or massive, world-spanning epic questlines.

Credits can also be used in Shops.

Once the player character has amassed 750 credits, he/she may buy a spaceport ticket and travel to any other planet.

Combat MechanicsEdit

All characters have several stat types. Two of the most important are Health and Strength. Health is a number that represents the character's life; if it goes below ten, the character will pass into unconsciousness. If it reaches zero, the character will die. Note that different species have different Health stats.

Strength represents how much damage a character can inflict. A species with 25 Strength can subtract 25 from its opponent's health with every successful standard strike.

When fighting in groups, the Group Warfare Mechanics may be used.