Death Angels are a playable race from the Sentros Galaxy. The Warrior caste is the most dangerous, equipped with both biological weaponry and the ability to wield technology. Warrior castes have six legs, two arms and four gun growths.

Base statsEdit

Death Angel warriors are incredibly hard to kill, and are lethal in close combat . Their large size makes it easy for them to intimidate and inspire, but they are cumbersome, and are terrible at hiding. Their inbuilt weapons give them a natural edge in marksmanship.

Health: 200 HP

Strength: 50

Agility: 0

Influence: 3

Stealth: 0

Marksmanship: 4

Crafting: 2

Tech Skill: 2

Other mechanicsEdit

Death Angels require a Death Angel translator to communicate, which can be bought at most shops for 50 Credits. Death Angels that start outside of a Death Angel world will automatically have one of these.

Gun GrowthsEdit

Gun growth- Medium Gun weapon that deals 16 (k) damage. Hits on a roll of 4 or above. 1 ammo pack can be used 10 times. Envenomates for 5 (bio) damage per turn. Envenomation stacks.

Death Angel warriors have four gun-growths. These are Gun-type Weapons that have 1 ammo pack each, which is refilled between missions. Gun-growth ammo packs can only be traded between Death Angels.