Death Angels are a playable race from the Sentros Galaxy. They have biological turrets surrounding the entrances to their hives, and which also can (within a few months) grow from enemies killed by gun-growths. They usually grow in groups, due to the bullets from turrets being able to grow more turrets themselves.

Base statsEdit

Death Angel turrets are dedicated to shooting things, and are physically unable to do anything else.

Health: 400 HP

Marksmanship: 6

Gun GrowthsEdit

Gun growth- Heavy Gun weapon that deals 30 (k) damage. Hits on a roll of 4 or above. 1 ammo pack can be used 10 times. Envenomates for 5 (bio) damage per turn. Envenomation stacks.

Death Angel turrets have 4 gun growths to shoot things with. Each turret has 10 ammo packs to use per mission.