Death Angels are a playable race from the Sentros Galaxy. The Queen caste is non-playable, due to being largely immobile. Queens are usually found at the core of Death Angel hives, and will put up a fight if they are under threat.

Base statsEdit

Death Angel Queens can soak up damage with their massive bodies, and their sheer size makes them hard-hitters in Close Combat. However, they can neither hide nor move.

Health: 250 HP

Strength: 75

Agility: N/A, Death Angel queens cannot be missed in Close Combat.

Influence: 2

Stealth: 0

Marksmanship: 6

Crafting: 2

Tech Skill: 2

Other mechanicsEdit

Death Angels require a Death Angel translator to communicate, which can be bought at most shops for 50 Credits. Death Angels that start outside of a Death Angel world will automatically have one of these.

Gun GrowthsEdit

Gun growth- Heavy Gun weapon that deals 20 (k) damage. Hits on a roll of 4 or above. 1 ammo pack can be used 10 times. Envenomates for 5 (bio) damage per turn. Envenomation stacks.

Death Angel Queens have four gun-growths. These are Gun-type Weapons that have 1 ammo pack each, which is refilled between missions. Gun-growth ammo packs can only be traded between Death Angels.