Damage (dmg) is points reducted from another being's Health.


If the character is unarmed, damage is done from base Strength. If the character strikes, that number of points would be taken away from the attacked's health, though Armour can reduce this.


There are several types of damage.

Kinetic (k), chemical (chem) and explosive (expl) damage are conventional damage types, being blocked by armour. Explosive damage causes stunning when more than 50 damage is dealt.

Biological damage (bio) is ignored by armour. If it enters the body (the attack deals 50% or more damage after armour), it ignores armour. Machines are immune.

Atmospheric damage (atm) is ignored by respirators or sealed armour, and ignores unsealed armour.

Heat damage (h), electrical damage (elec) and exotic damage (ex) ignore armour unless stated otherwise.