Close Combat or Melee Combat is combat between characters at very close range.


In close combat, characters roll two dice. Assuming that neither character has any agility or proficiency, the following values have the following results:

  • An unmodified total of 2 would be a critical failure (rolls that are modified down to 2 are normal misses). The character trips on their weapon or a stone or some such and enemies attacking them gain a +2 (max 12) modifier to hit in their next turn. This can be modified up as normal.
  • A total of 3-5 is a failure, encompassing misses, blocks, evasions etc.
  • A total of 6-11 is a normal hit.
  • A total of 12 is a critical hit. The character can choose whether to increase the damage dealt before armour, to lower the target's agility, or administer a condition the weapon could not otherwise provide.

These are modified by weapon proficiency, Agility, the abilities being used, and situational modifiers. Modifiers cannot take the result lower than 2 or higher than 12.

Situational ModifiersEdit

Modifiers may be introduced at the GM's discretion, but these are some general ones.

Situation Modifier
Drop Attack +2
Fighting Downhill +1
Fighting Uphill -1
Underwater -2
Exhausted -2
Weakened -3
Knocked Down -3
Blinded -6