Callen are a playable race, native to Ma'tat in the Sentros Galaxy. They are a small-to-medium sized species, and are very common. Callen can wield small, medium and large weaponry. Callen have five legs, two arms and a vestigial arm on their back, and can only wear armour (such as Callen armour and upper-body-only armour) that takes this into account.

Base statsEdit

Callen are a fairly average species, unremarkable in most ways. However, their predatory nature means that they have a higher-than-average Agility and Stealth skill, and their evolutionary focus on attacking close-up with melee weapons gives them a low Marksmanship skill.

Health: 100 HP

Strength: 15

Agility: 3

Influence: 2

Stealth: 4

Marksmanship: 1

Crafting: 2

Tech Skill: 2