There are several attributes possessed by characters that are vital to Gameplay. Characters have 12 points (sometimes less) to allocate around their stats, after species and profession.


Health is a number that represents the character's life; if it goes below ten, the character will pass into unconsciousness. If it reaches zero, the character will die.

Points allocated to health are worth 3 HP each.


Strength represents how much damage a character can potentially inflict in Close Combat. A species with 25 Strength can subtract 25 from its opponent's health with every successful strike, if they are unarmed and their target wears no armour.


Agility is the in-game representation of a character's potential to avoid blows and perform evasive actions. Every two points of Agility means a -1 close combat modifer for characters attempting to attack that character.


This attribute represents the character's ability to manipulate others, and is most powerful in Leaders. It can increase the character's earnings or decrease the prices of items, representing haggling.


Stealth is a character's ability to avoid notice. It is rolled against when testing to see whether a character has successfully escaped detection.


Marksmanship is a character's ability to hit a target. Higher marksmanship makes the player more likely to hit enemies, 15 being the maximum.


Crafting allows a player to create new items.

If the character has the appropriate raw materials and sufficient points, the device can be made.

Tech SkillEdit

Tech Skill is a player's ability to open locks, use computers, and other such things. The standard starting point is three points.

Devices need a certain level of Tech Skill to be used.