Armour/Armor is a mechanic that enables damage reduction.


When an armour is listed, a percentage will be given next to it, for example "Light armour - 15%". This is the percentage of damage that is taken away from the total damage caused by a strike. It should be rounded to the nearest point.

Armour can never have lower than 0% reduction. You cannot wear two of the same type of armour, but where two armours are together, the percentages are added together.


The percentage damage reduction is given next to the armour, along with any special rules. Armours can only raise total armour beyond 99% if specifically stated. Each has a cost in Credits.

Callen light armour- 15% armour. Costs 100 credits.

Callen heavy armour- 25% armour. Costs 200 credits.

Callen power-suit- 30% armour. 100% (atm) resistance. 10% (h) and (elec) resistance. Costs 300 credits.

Respirator- 100% (atm) resistance. Costs 50 credits.